The battery is meant to start the vehicle, keep the electrical and electronic systems active when the vehicle is off and provide internal and external .

The only fool-proof way to make sure your vehicle is in need of a replacement battery is to have your battery tested. However, the usual symptoms are a sluggish turnover, vehicle not starting at all and/or a clicking noise coming from the car when you try to turn the ignition.

  • Keep the battery terminals clean and inspect consistently (i.e. every month at least) for corrosion.
  • Start the vehicle before controlling car accessories and operate (drive) the car to allow the battery to get topped off by the vehicle alternator which generates electricity so that as a by product charges the car battery after voltage drops in the battery.
  • Keep your battery free and safe from shaking. Ensure all the screws and terminals are tightly placed. Batteries that shake can get damaged and short circuited or worse cause harm to your own car.
  • Insulate the battery from extreme temperature changes using a car battery insulation kit. These generally come with new cars already, however you are able to find replacements especially designed to fit your car’s battery compartment. The sleeves are usually plastic or an acid immune/thermal resistant substance that insulates your battery but still allows it to vent.
  • Purchase a vehicle battery charger that can maintain an optimum charge level when your own car isn’t in use or when you go on holiday.

You can pay cash-on-delivery once you receive the products.

It is free of charge.

It will be delivered within 2 hours (between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm) from the time of placing the order. If the order is placed after 6.00 p.m. then it will arrive the next working day.

An authorized Exide dealer personnel will deliver and install your battery.

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