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Opel Vectra (Diesel)

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Chevrolet Aveo U VA 1.2 (Pet..

Chevrolet Beat (Diesel)

Chevrolet Beat (Petrol)

Chevrolet Captiva Diesel

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

Chevrolet Enjoy

Chevrolet Enjoy 1.4 Petrol

Chevrolet Forester

Chevrolet Optra 1.6 Petrol

Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diese..

Chevrolet Optra Magnum Petro..

Chevrolet Sail Diesel

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback Die..

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback Pet..

Chevrolet Sail Petrol

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 Petrol

Chevrolet Tavera Diesel

Opel Astra Diesel

Opel Astra Petrol

Opel Corsa Diesel

Opel Corsa Petrol